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Microsoft and Crispin… this ought to be uncomfortable

The first two installments of Crispin’s efforts for Microsoft have been release during NFL games and have generated buzz if nothing else. The ads have probably creeped out the Burger King King. Seriously though, I found the ads entertaining. The first ad which introduces the duo of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld as they meet …

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Microsoft and Crispin… this ought to be fun

As this headline, In an Effort to Get ‘Cool,’ Microsoft Finally Calls in Crispin, came across my screen I had to saw “wow” as the Window’s Vista campaign had previously exclaimed. Now that the Sprint & Goodby saga has ended, this might be a good relationship to watch. Don’t get me wrong unlike Burger King, …

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Does Greenpeace JFK video cross line?

A Brandweek article today reported that JFK Footage is recycled by Greenpeace in the name of stopping global warming. As part of its “Energy [R]evolution” push, one of the 35th presidents’ most famous speeches is altered to deliver a message about the dangers of global warming. It says:”When man first walked upon the moon it …

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